Recommended Cleaner

Recommended Cleaner
Mechanically Polished Concrete

A diamond ground & honed concrete floor is durable, functional and easy to maintain. To better clean and maintain your floor Supreme recommends the use of Ameripolish PoliSmart CS Rejuvinating Cleaner. PoliSmart CS is a neutral cleaner that will not damage the surface as do acidic or high alkalinity cleaners. It also contains trace amounts of the ingredients contained in Ameripolish 3D HD, the silicate hardener / densifier that was used to produce your floor. In addition, it also contains stain blocking additives. Each time you clean with PoliSmart CS you will be reinforcing the abrasion and stain resistance of your floor. You may acquire PoliSmart CS from United Surface Preparation.


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United Surface Prep
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• For best results, add no more than 1-2 ounces of PoliSmart CS per one gallon of water

• For best results, fit cleaning, buffing and burnishing machines with HTC Twister Pads

• For further information, see Care & Maintenance or contact Supreme Systems