Expectations for a crafted concrete floor

If you are looking for a unique floor that is beautiful, functional and durable, polished concrete by Supreme Systems is a good choice for you. However, it is not factory produced. It is a site crafted floor with imperfections, inconsistencies and variations that should be expected and enjoyed. If you want or need uniformity a processed polished concrete floor may not be for you.

All concrete reacts differently. Due to the many variables involved, including age, natural materials and previous service of the concrete each slab will have unique characteristics. A polished concrete floor will not be aesthetically uniform throughout the surface, along edges, in corners or underneath objects. For example, aggregate exposure may vary from areas with large aggregate exposed to areas with small to no aggregate exposed depending on the flatness and hardness of the floor.

Final results of a polished concrete floor are largely dependent on the concrete we are given to work with. Therefore, when there is an opportunity to specify mix, placement, finishing, curing, joint placement and surface protection the final product can turn out significantly different than if only the processing procedures are specified. On an existing floor removal of adhesives, coatings may need to be performed before final design and specification of process and materials is possible. If repairs are necessary patching & filling materials cannot be made invisible and will be noticeable in the finished floor No sample can be exactly matched and should be considered merely representative of color, finish level and aggregate exposure. An onsite mock-up will better represent the final product although variations may still be found throughout the floor.